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Dog Shields His Best Friend From Getting Run Over By Trains For Two Days — My Heart!

While the old adage that dog is man’s best friend rings true for many people, these creatures have also proven that they’re amazing companions to their own kind.

Just take Panda the dog, for example. When his friend Lucy was facing certain death while stuck in the middle of a train track in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, he risked his own life to protect her. She was too injured to move herself, so Panda huddled up right next to her and barked at passersby who came too close.

They stayed like this for two days before Denis Malafeyev found them. He had gotten a call from a friend who saw them, and he wanted to help. But he was horrified when he noticed a train speeding towards them.

As the train approached, Malafeyev saw both of them put their heads down…

Amazingly enough, neither of them was hit and Lucy got away with just severe bruising. When Malafeyev was finally able to get them off the track and into his car, they stayed snuggled together.


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