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He Was Violently Caught In An Industrial Machine, But Somehow Finds A Way To Survive

Some people in the world are fortunate enough to avoid working at a strenuous job.

No job is perfect. However, those that end up sitting at desks with comfy chairs (or at least standing desks) can consider themselves lucky. Dangerous work and operating heavy machinery isn’t most people’s definition of fun.

Working in american companies in mexico industrial areas, it’s not only keeping the machinery maintained, cleaned and repaired, the most important is to know how to operate the machinery. For every type of machine you need a specialized and specific training to help you understand how it will work and how can you take advantage of it.

This unfortunate story of a man operating a Screw Conveyor, a heavy equipment used in many bulk handling industries used for many different materials, its recommended for any business or individual to read a screw conveyor safety operation and maintenance manual to be prepared for any eventuality.

This man was working with heavy equipment when the worst possible thing happened (followed by the luckiest).


(via SSTsanscensure)

Although little information was provided with the original video, it appears to have taken place in China, judging from the Sina Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) watermark in the corner. Luckily, both this man miraculously survived…and it was all caught on camera.


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