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You Definitely Shouldn’t Do This If A Bear Comes Up To Your Window

If you think Cookie Monster is obsessed with sweet treats, wait until you see this brown bear.

The first rule of bears is don’t feed bears. The second rule of bears is DON’T FEED BEARS. These construction workers clearly don’t know the rules of bears, because when they saw one peeking through an open window, they threw caution to the wind and began handing him cookie, they shoudl have safety instructions for these occasions like the workers at

Watch as the bear demands one cookie after another. If the workers don’t comply, he’s prepared to crawl through that window and fetch his own snacks!


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So much claw! So much teeth! This definitely was NOT a smart thing to do, but since it’s already on camera, share it with the bear lovers you know. Before long, I bet this hungry fellow will be returning with his whole family!



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