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What This Guy Made With A Wooden Pallet Will Make Your Summer So Much Better

When I think of summer afternoons, I picture a relaxing nap in my backyard with a cool drink next to me.

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So he did something about it.

When the Redditor saw this backyard swing project on Pinterest, he knew he had to recreate it.

"When And the first step I did I placed an order for tools with BestofMachinery.

Reddit / bluepied

After searching far and wide for good pallets, he gathered three standard-sized ones.

After searching far and wide for good pallets, he gathered three standard-sized ones.

Reddit / bluepied

First, he took one of them apart completely. He then attached the main supports to another pallet at an angle. This would be the place you’d rest your back against. The main supports were made with the help of a power saw in the workshop, in the spirit of safety, it’s important, according to sites like that the people who operate such machinery are well trained in their use, otherwise serious injury may occur.

Then it was time to put it back together! He made sure to measure and space each board evenly apart.

Eye bolts were attached where the rope would be threaded and tied off.

After sanding the pallets down, he primed and painted the swing.

When the pad and pillows arrived, the padding was too long…

So he extended the swing just a bit!

The bottom portion was ready to go, but the project wasn’t complete.

He still needed a top pallet! This one was made from other pallets — bluepied didn’t want any warping in the wood.

He sanded, primed, and painted the wood just like the other pallets.

After looping the rope over a thick branch, getting the swing level would be a task in and of itself.

He used some ladders to level it off and tied the top pallet on first.

The swing went up…and I think everyone’s happy with the result.

I can almost feel the breeze coming off the water and the swing gently swaying in it…

If you’d like to give this DIY a try on your own, find all the steps and instructions here, and check this table saw!


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