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Veterinarian Removes Larva Found Crawling Around In A Kitten's Head

When I was a kid, my mom had the displeasure of taking me to the doctor to remove a foreign object from my body.

I was really curious about what would happen if I shoved a bead up my nose, so I did just that. When I couldn’t get it out and started to panic, she took me straight to the emergency room for the not-so-fun task of pulling it out. Although it was extremely uncomfortable, I’m now forever grateful that I only had a bead stuck in my face after seeing this.

When Dr. Karri McCreary from Vet Ranch pulled a kitten named Speck and his siblings from an animal shelter, she was expecting to treat him for the ulcer in his eye. As you might imagine, she was horrified to find that Speck also had a larva living inside his head.

That must have been so painful for him.


It’s a really good thing that this cutie fell into the right hands. He would have died without help. If you’d like to donate to this lifesaving organization, click here.



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