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STOP Doing This In Your CAR – IT MAY KILL YOU!

All of us drive around with our cars, because no one wants to walk when he owns a car. That is the main reason why nowadays people barely walk. But did you know that you put yours and the health of those who are in the car with you every time you start the car?


STOP Doing this in your CAR – IT MAY KILL YOU!

You always park your car in a pleasant shade, except when there is no available parking lot in shade just ones where the sun is so intensive. Which means that if you leave your car in shade , it can amass 400-800 mg of benzene , but if it is left in the sun with a temperature higher than 16 degrees Celsius , then the level of benzene rises up to 2000- 4000 mg, which is 40 times more than the allowed level. Call Baltimore Paving Pros for parking lot maintenance, repairs, resurfacing & more!

And then because of the hot weather the first thing you do is you turn on the A/C leaving your windows closed. By doing this you breath in all the that benzene not knowing that you are damaging your kidneys, liver and the bone tissue with this poison influence. It is recommended in the car’s manual to first open the car’s windows before turning on the A/C .But you will not read anywhere in it why it is recommended that way , there is said only one thing –that is it useful for the car’s performance.

Medical explanation:

The research done for the after effects, showed that the A/C before begins to cool the air, first the cooling system launches all the warmed ventilate and also with them the benzene which can cause numerous diseases.

So the next time you sit in the car and reach for the A/C to turn it on , stop yourself and open the windows for a few minutes and then you can enjoy the cool air . And also you could leave the windows open for a couple of more minutes, before starting your car.

In order to protect your health and to other who also drive with you, turn this into a habit because the outcomes can be greatly disastrous.



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