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Here We Have More Video Evidence Proving That Children Are The Absolute Worst

It always amazes me how carefree children can be.

They could make the biggest messes and get in the most trouble, and yet somehow they always seem to shrug it off as though it’s no big deal and go about finding new and unseemly ways to torture their parents. This devious diva is no different.

Once this little girl peers around the doorway as her mother walks in, you can tell that whatever’s on the other side of that door is nothing but trouble. Mom quickly catches the toddler “white handed.” As it turns out, the tiny tot covered her even tinier sister in diaper rash cream just for kicks.

She really seems unfazed by her mother’s exhaustion and disdain. Typical kid move.


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I give this mother a lot of credit. Even after noting that she had a horrible night last night, she still manages to keep her cool and not blow up on her troublemaker daughter. That’s some grade-A mama fortitude.


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