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Here Are 17 Of The Most Terrifying Things People Have Come Across On Dark Roads

Walking or driving alone on dark roads is creepy in and of itself.

Being in the dark without a companion can play tricks on your mind and make you see things that aren’t really there. But just picture how terrifying it would be to run into something sinister that isn’t a figment of your imagination.

You won’t have to think too hard, because I’m here to tell you about some seriously chilling roadside discoveries. They’ll make you think twice about traveling at night.

1. Time to drive away as fast as you can.

Time to drive away as fast as you can.

Reddit / AgalychnisCallidryas

2. It’s hard to see, but there’s a little nightmare sitting out there.

3. This is the Northampton Clown that loves going around and terrorizing locals.

4. Look at the middle of this image and off to the left. I would turn around and book it out of there.

5. This is a severed pig’s head with a candle on top. NOPE.

6. Is that bear tied down?

7. Redditor Down4whiteTrash was walking home when they ran into a person wearing this unsettling mask.

8. This one isn’t quite as morbid, but it’s still creepy.

9. If you live near Green Bay, Wisconsin, you might have run into Gags the Clown while driving at night.

10. I really don’t want to know what happened here.

11. That decoration isn’t creepy at all…

12. Wherever this is, I hope I never find myself there.

13. What is it with all these clowns?

14. Yep, he’s holding a knife.

15. This looks like a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock film.

16. This freaky figure in a white dress was spotted on the side of a highway.


17. Redditor oldrinb was walking through an abandoned neighborhood and saw this.

Okay, I’m convinced that I should avoid dark roads at all costs from now on. Who’s with me?



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