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You'll Want To Remember These 10 Stories Of Parents Absolutely Killing It In 2016

Parenting is a tough job, but there are so many inspiring moms and dads who rise to the occasion.

Parents in 2016 popped up all over the internet having fun with their kiddos, teasing them, and even fighting for their lives alongside them, and they’ve inspired us all to be better people. This year, we covered so many amazing moms and dads as they absolutely nailed it. These 10 parents without a doubt won 2016.

Make sure to click on the links below if you want to read the full stories behind these amazing moments!

1. One mom totally shocked this nerdy dad-to-be, proving they’ve both got what it takes to raise their child in the ways of the force.

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2. His genius idea to keep triplets from bickering actually worked!

His <a href="" target="_blank">genius idea</a> to keep triplets from bickering actually worked!

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