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Woman Drinks Her Boyfriend's Blood And Avoids Sunlight Because Sanity Is Dead

As a self-diagnosed hypochondriac, every minor ache and pain leaves me searching the web for hours.

I assume the worst in every situation, but more often than not, my symptoms are nothing more than growing pains and signs of getting older. But before I can convince myself that I’m not dying from every disease known to man, I google my suspected ailment and try to find a range of treatments. While I’ve gone to some pretty strange lengths to feel better, I’ve never done anything like this.

Australian makeup artist Georgina Condon first developed a thirst for blood when she was just 12 years old. Having avoided direct sunlight for the last 20 years, Condon has spent most of her life living as a vampire.

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The woman was diagnosed with Thalassemia and anemia at an early age. She also suffers from solar dermatitis, which is a rare condition that forces Condon to avoid direct sunlight at all costs.


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