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This Teacher's Aide Had Sex With Teen Students — Was Her Husband In On It?

On Wednesday, November 16, Sheri Maufort was arrested for engaging in sexual acts with two teenage boys.

The 42-year-old had been working as a teacher’s aide at Unionville High School in Chester County, Pennsylvania, since 2015, where she met the two male students that she eventually had sexual contact with. What makes things more disturbing is that her husband was involved in these illegal encounters.

Police say that the first incident occurred in August of this year. Maufort picked up one of the teens, who is a minor, in her vehicle and parked at a restaurant. The two then walked to a nearby field, where she performed oral sex on him after giving him alcohol.

Her husband drove him home, but it isn’t clear if he knew what happened.

Almost a month later, Maufort picked up an 18-year-old student from a party and drove to a location where she kissed him and allegedly touched his penis.


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