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These 30 People Had One Job And Failed So Miserably…I'm Dying!

No matter where you work, you’re always going to make at least a few mistakes.

And that’s completely normal. But as you’ll see from the amazingly dumb job fails below, there’s a big difference between ordinary errors and what these people accomplished. By the end, you’ll be wondering how they were even hired in the first place.

Get ready for some serious head scratching.

1. That’s some strange-looking watermelon.

2. How could you not get that right?

3. It’s ant time!

It's ant time!

Reddit / scamz

4. These must be the off-brand hero cups.

5. Speaking of madness…

6. Seriously? Seriously?

7. I didn’t realize tortillas and rolls were one in the same.

8. Obviously, this makes way more sense.

9. Canadian fruit sure looks different.

10. This is bugging me so badly.

11. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

12. I’m not sure I want to know what that means.

13. Strawberries are apparently really confusing.

14. Beware the black peal!

15. Livin’ the gream.

16. Sausage for your vegetarian friends!

17. These are stills from “The Avengers Strike Back.” Duh.

18. I’d rather not do that with my talent, thanks.

19. Well, responsibility didn’t matter to the person in charge of this sign.

20. Ghghgh ghghgh ghg!

21. At least it’s 50 percent accurate, right?

22. Well it is interesting…

23. Beer is an excellent source of calcium.

24. Nailed it.

25. Okay, this one’s pretty creepy.

26. I’m not sure that the program is working, but okay.

27. “No” actually means “extra.”

28. I’m surprised it doesn’t say “English English.”

29. Someone didn’t go to scohol…

30. “What do you want written on it?”

(via 22 Words)

Okay, all together now:



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