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She Thought She Was Meeting A Celeb, But She Didn't See The Next Surprise Coming

As the producer of a nightly television show, it’s your job to make sure everything goes according to plan.

When Jimmy Fallon and his guest Dwayne Johnson went off script, “Tonight Show” producer Katrina had no idea what would happen next. As Fallon and Johnson scoured the audience looking to give a surprise to a military family, the celebrity duo made their way into the control room where the WWE wrestler turned actor began striking up a conversation with the show’s producer. Katrina is a military vet who met her husband while in the Army. Sadly, her other half wasn’t going to be home for the holidays.

Or so she thought. Watch what happens when Johnson tells her to turn around.


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Despite his tough demeanor, Dwayne Johnson never ceases to amaze me with his selfless acts of kindness. Be sure to share this heartwarming homecoming with your friends and family to say thanks to the troops who keep us safe.


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