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She Hated Her Ugly Linoleum Floors, So She Painted Them!

It comes as no surprise that your bathroom receives a pretty serious amount of foot traffic

But even though the floor goes through some wear and tear, keeping things warm and inviting is always important. One clever do-it-yourselfer noticed that the linoleum tiles in her bathroom were looking a little worse for wear. After witnessing what Suzanna Riley did to bring life back to her bathroom floor, I want to run to the hardware store and get to work! Diamond Coating residential epoxy flooring in Ontario, ON Epoxy Flooring Ottawa is a professional flooring installation company serving Ottawa and all of the National Capital Region. We provide expert epoxy services for commercial, industrial and residential projects including garages, basement, offices, warehouses, gym spaces and more. All Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Ottawa team members are fully insured, licensed and trained flooring contractors. Let’s click here to go deeper to know about epoxy floor coating. We always offer free estimate and provide details consultations. Just give us a call or fill out the form on our site. You can recommended site for the more detail about Polished Concrete Services. Polished concrete is one of the cheapest flooring options you can have and it’s one of the most long lasting flooring options out there. The trend of polished concrete was down for a while but today, it has been a strong comeback and a lot of contractors are moving into polishing works. Since there is a lot of competition in the industry, it’s important to understand how to find the best deal.

The next reason why homeowners prefer using polished concrete as their flooring is to improve lighting in their homes. Most of the time, individuals want to have a clear and bright homes. However, there are cases when floors can restrict lighting due to its texture. Fortunately, when using polished concrete, homeowners can be sure that homes are brighter since floors can illuminate light coming from the sun and lights. The best thing about polished concrete is their extensive lifespan. They need very little maintenance and the maintenance costs are incredibly low. Modern-day polishing tools are very sophisticated and can bring exceptional results based on the diamond they use for polishing. You can achieve different types of finishes according to the room and personal preferences. Moreover, polished concrete is tremendously energy efficient and it’s possible for you to produce solar energy your concrete flooring. Polished concrete really stands out compared to its competitors with its incredibly lower maintenance costs and numerous design options. Experienced service providers can make sure that no two polished concrete flooring look the same because it’s possible for service providers to come up with an array of flooring options. Energy conservation, especially solar energy is increasingly popular these days because people are very much aware of the importance of bringing down the usage of fossil fuels. Follow solarkraft for more information. When it comes to heat radiation and the storage of solar energy, vinyl and carpet flooring are not your choices because both can’t radiate heat and produce solar energy. Polished concrete on the other hand is an exceptional source to produce solar energy. This is why a lot of commercial establishments have already switched to the same because they can produce a considerable amount of energy from solar panels.

She was willing to take a big risk in terms of home decor and it paid off in a major way. If you think you’re not a virtuoso when it comes to painting floors, opting for vinyl plank flooring is an ultimate life-saver in sprucing up your floors.

While there wasn’t really anything wrong with the flooring, Riley wanted to spruce things up a bit.

While there wasn't really anything wrong with the flooring, Riley wanted to spruce things up a bit.

Livin the Life of Riley

She ordered a custom stencil kit online and made a stop at her local craft store to pick up chalk-based acrylic paint.

She made sure her entire floor was spotless and began applying the first coat.

In total, she applied two coats of the grey paint before it was time to stencil her final design onto the tiles.

She stenciled them in a way that would allow her to reuse the template without messing up the previous tile.

When all the stenciling was complete, she sealed the floor with five coats of polycrylic finish.

That doesn’t even look like paint!

To see more of Susanna Riley’s awesome DIY projects, check out her blog and follow her on Instagram.


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