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How To Deal With Unexpected Guests Around The Holidays


We all love it when guests pop by during the season to see us. Well, most of us do — it’s all part of the fun of the holiday season.

We all love having people coming to visit us, and more if its friends or family members that you haven’t seen for a long time, get prepared to make the experience a great ride for the holiday !

For starters, you can get small presents for a nice welcoming, something small but thoughtful,  you can look popular gifts for travelers to be prepared for when you have friendly planned reunions.

But well it’s another thing if they drop by completely unannounced, when all you have in the fridge is half a quart of eggnog. Could they not have called or sent a quick text? Even a carrier pigeon would be preferable to no notice at all.

You can’t let your reputation for being the “hostess with the mostest” slip now, so what do you do? It can be easy to get your home guest-ready in no time at all, no matter how hectic the holidays are.

1. Hide a goodie stash.

Hide a goodie stash.

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Prepare a special stash somewhere in the kitchen, preferably where the kids and other hungry mouths won’t find it, especially for guests. This should contain Christmas essentials such as cookies, luxury chocolates and pastries, perhaps a few tasty cheeses and a box of quality crackers, something nice to drink (hot apple cider, anyone?), and plenty of coffee and tea. Keep your stash a secret from your family if you can, and then you can all enjoy a feast to celebrate the end of Christmas if no guests turn up.

2. Keep a “magic basket.”

Find a space in your living room for an attractive chest or basket that you can use as an emergency hideaway when unexpected guests arrive. You can then have a lightning-quick cleanup and toss clutter out of sight.

3. Arm your bathroom with a handy spritz.

Keep a bottle of bathroom spray cleaner in your main/downstairs bathroom, along with a microfiber cloth, an air freshener, clean hand towels, and some toilet cleaner. Then when guests surprise you, you can excuse yourself for a minute and give your bathroom a quick spritz. That should be enough to create the impression that you live in a perpetual state of domestic bliss.


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