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Heroic Soldiers Step In To Save A Woman Who Was Groped And Unable To Defend Herself

One of the ways we can prevent sexual assault is by stepping in when we see something suspicious.

That’s exactly what Staff Sgt. Anthony Ciccariello Jr., Sgt. James Smith and Spc. Evan Lipp did when off-duty at a bar in Watertown, New York, saving a young woman from an attacker. “I noticed the two males had the female on one of the couches and they were molesting her,” Lipp said. “I noticed that she was barely conscious. It didn’t look right.”

Using their Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention training, the three men decided to step in and get the woman away from this awful situation.

Together, the soldiers separated the man from the woman and handed him over to police.


Youtube / Watertown Daily Times

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