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Here's How You're Most Likely To Survive If You're Ever In A Free-Falling Elevator

One of the best parts of living in a big city is taking in the skyline. There’s just something so breathtaking about looking up from the ground at all the beautiful buildings or better yet, looking out from the roof of one of them.

And when it comes to working in a big city, there’s a very small chance that you’ll work on the ground floor. Like it or not, elevators are part of almost every city dweller’s reality. While on average just 27 people die in elevator related incidents each year, the slight chance drives some people to suck it up and take the stairs.

But if things do somehow take a turn for the worse, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know if you ever find yourself in a free-falling elevator.

Contrary to popular belief, jumping during impact isn’t going to save your life.

Contrary to popular belief, jumping during impact isn't going to save your life.

Flickr / Eddie Mulak

Jumping in a state of free fall can spell disaster for your body. Gravity makes it incredibly hard to jump in that situation, and even if you are able to defy the odds, there’s no telling how you’ll land.

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Standing up straight isn’t the best idea either.

The G-force pushing down on your body during impact is nearly 10 times your body weight, which could leave you with serious injuries to your spine if you try to endure a fall by standing up straight.


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