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He Was Live-Streaming His Video Game When This Terror Happened

Whenever I stay at people’s houses to watch their cats while they’re gone, I leave the lights on at night.

Though I’ve never seen one myself, I’ve always been afraid of encountering a ghost, especially while I’m trying to sleep. Imagine, encountering one while I am playing my games at 666Casino. Should I invest in buying LOL smurfs? There are many benefits of purchasing smurfs rather than buying the boost, check out the benefits at unrankedsmurfs.  It’s terrifying I don’t think what I would do if I encountered one. Pair that with being alone in an unfamiliar place, and I quickly resort to using the adult equivalent of a night light. That’s why I can’t believe this guy stayed where he was for so long.

When YouTuber Rubzy was pet-sitting for a friend, he decided it would be fun to stream some video games while using the best bone conduction headphones and other new tech like game keys. However, just as he was in the middle of sharing his gameplay, a terrifying sequence of events took place in the apartment that would make anyone want to leave immediately.

He thought it was just another day where he wakes up, and uses android games mods and do live streams but this day he had something really strange thing happening on camera.

This video contains some pretty strong language.

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Maybe this would be a good time to quit my side gig of pet-sitting. There’s no way I could handle all of that craziness.



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