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Father-To-Be Posts An Emotional Pregnancy Announcement After Losing His Girlfriend

For any first-time parent, learning that you’re going to become a mom or dad is a moment you won’t soon forget.

Perhaps even more thrilling is getting to share the intimate news with family and friends. Finding the perfect moment to tell those closest to you can be quite hard, especially if you want to keep the entire ordeal a secret until you’re able to make a grand reveal.

Parents-to-be Brandon Forseth and Kylee Bruce were excited to share their big news with everyone they knew in the coming weeks, but everything changed when a deadly car crash left this family grieving days before Christmas.

Forseth and Bruce were expecting their first child together and had promised not to reveal the big news to family and friends until Bruce’s 20th week of pregnancy. That’s when they’d learn the sex of their little one.

Forseth and Bruce were expecting their first child together and had promised not to reveal the big news to family and friends until Bruce's 20th week of pregnancy. That's when they'd learn the sex of their little one.

Facebook / Brandon Forseth

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On Tuesday, December 20, Bruce was driving by herself on her way to a basketball game when she lost control of her vehicle and drove into oncoming traffic.

As a result of the car crash, the lives of Bruce and her unborn baby were taken way too soon.

Forseth, who was supposed to go with Bruce to the game, is left with a lifetime of regret and a house full of reminders of the future that could have been.

Following his traumatic loss, Forseth took to social media to reveal the news that the couple were expecting their first child together. The dad-to-be also took the time to point out how amazing of a mother Bruce would have been and how everything he did, he did for her and their future together.

He was beyond excited to be a dad and found it incredibly difficult to keep the entire thing a secret. He wrote, “I couldn’t help it and told multiple family members and close friends and you’d always say, ‘Brandon! You can never keep a secret!’ and I’d just smile and say, ‘I’m sorry, I’m just too excited.'”

“This Christmas was going to be the best ever. I’m currently staring at my first Christmas tree I’ve had in my home in years, a tree that you and I found and cut down together. The base of the tree is filled with presents…I want you to know that I got you a bunch of things you would have loved, Ky.”

“You’d only lived with me for a short time, but my house was so full with your energy and warmth. It smells like your scentsies, my closet is filled with your clothes, your coat is hanging by the front door, and your snow boots are on the mat right where you left them before you left last night, but it feels so empty in here right now.”

You can read Forseth’s entire heartfelt letter to Bruce below:

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For Forseth, it’s heartbreaking to know that his girlfriend will never return and that he’ll never get to meet the baby he already loved so much. SHARE if you believe the young mother and her child are waiting for this heartbroken father on the other side.


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