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9 Exercises For A Flat Stomach That Only Take 10 Minutes Of Your Day (VIDEO)

Everyone wants to have flat stomach, but some people have hard time achieving it. That is why in this article you will read about some exercises that will help you achieve the flat stomach.

They are:

1. Vacillate kicks – For this exercise you should start with lying on the back and keeping your legs up and you should start kicking the air with your legs. If you want for a more challenging exercise then you should try with keeping the legs a little bit lower. Make sure you are breathing well and keep your back on the floor.

2. The roll – Here you should rest on a tangle on your back and to convey your legs straight up and to keep your hands spread on the sides. Start with bringing the legs down towards the floor but make sure you do not touch it. Now you will need to bring your knees into your trunk and to push them up again. Do it around 30 seconds and after that make a break.

3. Twofold leg circles – For this exercise you should start in lying position while keeping the legs up. Now you should start making circles for around 30 seconds (make sure you do circles on one side).

4. Windmills – Here you should start with lying on the ground and keeping your legs up. You will need to drop your legs to the other side towards the floor as much as you can but make sure you do not touch it. Do it for around 30 seconds and switch sides all the time.

5. Single leg drops – Here you should be in lying position with your arms spread to the sides and you should lift your legs up and to start dropping one leg down and after that to switch legs (make sure they do not touch the floor when you push one leg down).

6. Starfish crunch – Here you should be lying on the floor and to keep your arms and legs separated and place your arms over your head. Now touch the inverse foot to the inverse hand.

7. Spiderman planks – Start with push up position and one leg should be lifted up and your knee should be twisted to 90 degrees angle and your back should be kept straight during this position and try to hold it for 15 seconds. After that switch legs and keep it for another 15 seconds.

8. Mountain climbers – For this exercise you will need to put the hands on the floor and to keep your body up on your toes and to keep your spine straight. You should bring your knees into the trunk with exchanging legs for around 30 seconds.

9. Russian twists – Start in sitting position and your abdominal area should be kept to around 45 degrees starting from the earliest stage. You can keep your legs up or you can keep them on the floor (depends on what you need). Now bend your abdominal area with conveying both hands to the sides.




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