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21 photos which prove that having kids can be seriously fun

Even when they paint your white rug blue, or get covered in dirt up to their ears, kids never do anything to deliberately upset you. Perhaps it would be better to tell them off less, and instead learn to just appreciate all the crazy stuff they get up to. After all, it’s thanks to all that mischief that they learn to understand the world around them!

You just aren’t yourself when you’re hungry.

The best way to make sure you don’t mix them up…

What five minutes of peace and quiet turns out to be.

Little kids don’t sleep. They recharge.

Oil on canvas.

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

Sorry darling, the parents came home early, I’ll call you!

Her first bouquet.

Real friendship is unbreakable.

Mom, I got just a little bit dirty.

We were just playing together…

I fel the room just needed a touch more blue.

They’ll never find me here…


I’m nowhere near ready yet…I’ve only just started doing my hair…

Best friends put up with everything.

Somebody save me!

Their mom told them to get rid of the weeds…

All the strawberries are mine!

Passengers are advised to pack their passports and children separately when travelling.

Right, that’s enough mischief for the time being; I’m off on holiday!



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