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You Don't Want To Be Out On This Lake Right Now If You Can Help It

Waterspouts can be pretty dangerous things if you happen to be out on the water when one forms. Luckily, they are rarities in most places. However, Qinghai Lake in China’s Qinghai Province in not most places.

Earlier this week, tourists spotted not just one, but three waterspouts forming simultaneously on the surface of the lake.

“Water tornados,” as some call them, are formed by a convection current of warm and cold air over a body of water.


(via Unexplained Mysteries)

While three waterspouts might seem insane, it’s not actually the most that Qinghai Lake has seen. Back in 2014, onlookers saw nine simultaneous waterspouts spring up on a particularly stormy day. That’s pure nightmare fuel, folks.


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