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Woman Thinks This Mysterious Figure Caught On Camera Is The Ghost Of Her Dead Dog

A grieving woman believes that a mysterious apparition she caught on camera could be the ghost of her deceased dog coming back to forgive her for putting her down.

The spooky footage shows what Kimberley Pearce of North Carolina believes to be the spirit of her beloved cocker spaniel, Sadie. In the video, the bright, dog-shaped figure appears to run across the room on the heels of her new puppy, Bella, during playtime.

The grieving dog mom believes that this was a one-time experience. When she saw the odd figure, she couldn’t help but smile. She’s convinced that this was little Sadie coming back one last time to let her know that everything was going to be okay.

What do you think?

Losing a pet is awful and heartbreaking, so I totally understand why this woman believes her dog’s spirit came back to check on her.

This was most likely just heat escaping from the vent, but it’s nice to think that it could have been her four-legged friend.


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