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Why This Guy Felt The Need To Run In Front Of A Train Is Really Anyone's Guess

We’ve probably all thought about driving in front of a train when we’re running late and don’t want to get stuck waiting behind the barriers.

But because most of us are sane human beings, we don’t because we would like to avoid death by train. Other people, however, don’t seem to care as much about becoming train track roadkill — case in point, this seemingly crazy guy.

When the 77-year-old from the Czech Republic was dropped off at a station one day, he appeared to be waiting for a train to pass before crossing the tracks. But for some unexplained reason, he decided it was a good idea to start walking seconds before the train came speeding through.

He’s lucky that his shoe was the only casualty.


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I’m seriously wondering if this guy knows how train crossings work or if he was trying to get hit. Either way, this could have ended very, very badly. Share if you’re shaking your head at this craziness.



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