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While Filming A Beautiful Scene, He Captured Something Scary And Heartbreaking

This cliff in Okinawa is one of the most famous sightseeing destinations in Japan. Unfortunately, it is also one of the nation’s most popular places to commit suicide.

When a man named Boy and a group of his friends visited the cliff in 2007, they decided to take a video of the gorgeous view. Little did they know that they were about to capture something haunting that hasn’t been explained to this day.

As the camera pans across the cliff and horizon, everything seems to be at ease. That is, until a man jumps from the cliff’s edge into the treacherous waters below. No one else seems to notice him, and there were no reports of a suicide that day. Could they have caught the ghost of a past suicide victim?

12 seconds in, the video takes a terrifying turn as a man leaps from the cliff. The moment is later shown in slow motion. Is it an actual suicide, or a ghost reliving his death over and over again? You’ll have to decide for yourself.


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What do you make of this? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to share this haunting video with your friends and family.


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