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When You Put Down A Sticky Trap, There's No Telling What Will End Up There

Sticky traps are intended to help us rid our homes of unwelcome critters.

But we don’t often think that we’ll capture anything worse than a few bugs or rodents, maybe even the occasional spider. Unfortunately for these people, though, mice are the least of their worries.

The creepy levels are about to go WAY up, people. Brace yourselves.

1. I’d start looking for a new place to live.

I'd start looking for a new place to live.

Reddit / nakeddancingpanda

2. Four traps and 12 brown recluses later…

3. This is a who’s who of terrifying things.

4. This is what happens when you catch a roach carrying an egg sack.

5. Three days’ worth of crickets.


7. Cobra, anyone?

8. The mouse is still on the loose.

9. So much horror in one photo.

10. Why are there so many?!

11. Not one, but TWO toads.

12. I need to know where this person lives…so I can NEVER VISIT THEM.

13. Was there a plague of locusts, or something??

14. There are just so many different kinds. *Shivers*

15. This trap was set up right next to the bed. The nightmares finally make sense.

Look, I’d stick around and hang out, but after all of that wonderful imagery…



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