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What This Boy's Stepfather Did To Him Will Make Your Blood Run Cold — WTF

Pongsak Sahaisuk was waiting for his five-year-old stepson outside his school in Thailand when things took a pretty gruesome turn.

While showing off his counting skills to his stepfather, the young boy made a mistake when trying to count to 10. Before he had a moment to correct himself, Sahisuk lashed out at the boy by punching the kid before knocking him to the ground and stomping on him. The entire event was caught on CCTV.

After learning of the attack on her son from neighbors, the boy’s mother reported the incident to police. Police and social services are on an active hunt for the stepfather, who disappeared following the incident. Since the attack, the child has reportedly suffered from severe headaches.

Warning: This video contains violent images that some viewers may find upsetting.

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What would even possess a man to react like that to something as simple as making a counting mistake? People are so cruel sometimes.


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