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What He Did With This Electric Water Heater Will Make You Insanely Jealous

It’s a fact that pretty much everyone loves grilling in the summer.

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When Instructables user Blackir dreamed of creating his own grill, he found inspiration when he came across an electric water heater after had bought the new one (find out more). Although water heaters could be repair, you can follow instructions on troubleshooting a water heater to fix it, for those in too really bad condition, then they can be turned into grills taking advantages of the materials.

With a little bit of coaxing, he knew he could turn it into a grill of epic culinary proportions. If you want to learn how it’s done, check this out!

To start, he removed all the insulation from the outside.

To start, he removed all the insulation from the outside.

Instructables / Blackir

With the material cleared, he sanded everything down and gutted everything but the frame.

To build the legs, he welded pieces from a bed frame to the bottom of the heater.

Then he cut an opening for the lid.

After that, he created a vent with an old pipe.

He also added an air vent to the opposite side for circulation.

Finally, he coated the grill in heat-resistant paint.

And just like that…

…it was all done!

That’s some pitmaster-worthy stuff right there!

Take that, Weber.

Want some more in-depth instructions? Check out his detailed guide on Instructables!


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