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Watching This Plane Trying To Land With Extreme Crosswinds Will Give You Anxiety

I was twelve when I took my very first flight.

I tried to prepare myself for the nearly seven-hour ride by giving myself daily pep talks leading up to the big journey. Equipped with a box of Dramamine, I surprisingly was able to make it the entire flight without needing the meds. My biggest fear was that something would go wrong with the plane and I’d end up stranded hundreds of miles away from shore lost somewhere in the Atlantic. That day, Mother Nature must have been looking out for me.

However, not all flights have such a smooth landing.

As this Swiss airplane began to land, the weather had other plans for it…


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This is called a touch and go around. If the plane had gone through with the landing, there’s no telling whether or not the pilot could have controlled it. It takes an experience crew to know what to do in these situations. Thank goodness for this impressive team!


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