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Watching How People Used To Make Makeup Is Actually Pretty Interesting

These days when we need makeup, we just slip into Target (or Sephora, if we’re lucky) to pick up what we need. For our mothers and grandmothers, however, buying a simple compact of face powder was quite the endeavor.

Unlike most makeup today, face powder in 1958 was mixed by hand. As you’ll see, bright hues of red, purple, and turquoise had to be blended together to make a pale nude shade. At the time, compressing makeup into a compact was a new concept. Seeing it in action, I’m just as in awe as the pretty lady in the blue dress down there in the video below.

Watch as a beautician blends a surprising number of brightly colored powders to create a pale powder. All in all, the process is pretty fascinating.


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Far from the mass-production that happens in factories today, there’s something refreshing about watching this bespoke process.


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