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Transform Your Mismatched Socks With These 22 Unconventional Uses

No matter how careful I am while I’m doing my laundry, I always lose a sock to what I believe is a sock monster living behind the washer.

And you probably feel my pain. But just because you’ve lost the mates to your favorite pairs of socks doesn’t mean you should give up hope of ever finding new uses for them! Check out these 22 unconventional and creative sock crafts that will help you repurpose them into just about anything. Follow the links in each heading for more details!

1. This awesome beer cozy will keep you drinking in style.

2. These donut sock toys look good enough to eat, and they make great cat toys!

3. Speaking of cats, how cute is this phone holder?

4. But wait, cat lovers! There’s more! This catnip toy project will be much appreciated by your furry friend.

5. Who knew a water bottle could look so good?

6. Perhaps the Easter Bunny can include one of these in your next basket?

7. Craft a warm sweater for your little pooch and let the cuteness wash over you.

8. Cute bunny rattles are sure to cheer up any baby.

9. If you can’t find the strength to buy your kids a pet snake, try this alternative.

10. Nothing says class and sass quite like a sock bun.

11. Surprise your special someone with a bottle of wine wrapped in your cutest sock.

12. Give your potted plants a makeover.

13. Deck the halls with this ornate wreath.

14. Let your baby roam the room with these simple knee pads.

15. Do you want to build a snowman? Well, now you can with this Olaf craft.

16. Stay warm with some fashionable scarves.

17. This armband is sure to pump you up for your morning jog.

18. Put a sock on your hand to clean blinds easily!

19. Check out this organic alternative to dryer sheets.

20. Never run out of Swiffer pads again. Just wrap an old sock around the end of the mop!

21. Covering a tennis ball with a sock and placing it in the dryer will eliminate static cling and dry your clothes quickly.

22. Carry your money in style with a little change purse.

All I want for my next birthday is a pack of socks so I can try these awesome projects.



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