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Too Much 5ex can Endanger your Body!

Do you have too much sex or too little? The problem is that we have less time to spend quality time with your partner, in all that add stress and the fact how we are different. To someone sex twice a week can be enough, while for a third person is too little or too much.

Lack of sex can be dangerous for your relationship. But sometimes there is some question – Does too much sex can be a problem to? Is it ok to have sex every day? Overall, there isn’t any damage if the partners are satisfied. Love is a language spoken by everyone but only understood by the heart. The power of love can be utterly beautiful, giving you goosebumps and making your heart flutter. It is an unpredictable emotion that can motivate us to be extremely productive and, or extremely destructive, so we must question if we are really ready to find it. I truly believe we were not created to live in constant suffering. Facing up to your reality could mean it is time to stop waiting on a miracle and challenge those oppressive structures of the mind, your spouse, family, community or religion. You can check the first big dick story here. I am not just talking about romantic love but the love you experience in relationships with family, children, friends, and at times your career or business. After all money can’t make a heart love and without love, life can feel like it is a mistake. You can easily fall into the abuse and pain of believing even money can buy love, but perhaps what you are really buying is sex. No matter if you are in love with food, searching for a girlfriend, requiring forgiveness in business or are trying to love your neighbour as yourself, you can discover if love is the right thing for you or just an illusion. Love Story The perfect happily ever after, the wedding love story, not giving up on someone you love. We have all heard, read and watched movies telling stories of love. But is this the reality of a love story? My experience of the real love story is, actually it can be a hard, a journey of self knowledge, which takes incredible courage. For some it consists of emotional, spiritual and physical traumas, an uncomfortable subject that maybe full of grief and loneliness. Some of my clients would rather be bashed and abused than alone or cut off from their family, living a life of misery and emotional poverty. Hence it never surprises me that people rebel or run away. Scattered with the personal loss that is enough to break you. The abuse and pain can all be too much at times. In my work it always touches my heart the unbelievable courage people make in the face of adversity and it is always a challenge for me to sit with someone going through so much pain and heartache. If you are caught in a love hate relationship you may feel like a black dog is sucking the joy out of your life and burdening you tremendously.

Having sex seven or more times per week is considered like superior. Average is two times a week. Many loved couples, especially in honeymoon have a lot of sex, because his big passion.

Here, in this article we will present you what is happening with your body when you have too much sex.

Your orgasm can turn against you

Orgasm is the release of accumulated sexual tension and energy, which causes incredible pleasure. Some describe him as gentle pinching and others as explosive feeling in the body.

Achieving orgasm causes contractions of the pelvic floor muscles every 0.8 seconds. Some contractions are more numerous than in others.

But if you are doing orgasms very often you will cause some pain and discomfort. According professor of urology Jonathan D. Schifft it’s not good for your body to go in extreme amount with orgasms, because you also might hurt you.

UTIs can be a problem

Urinary tube is into the vagina, which means that during sex bacteria from genitals easily come in urethra. The greater the friction are so greater is the risk of infection, says clinical professor Mary Jane Minkin.

As strange as it may sound, too much sex can be dangerous to women’s health. Lengthy sex, and several times of day can cause urinary tract inflammation or etc. “Honeymoon cystitis”. Although there is a romantic name, this disease is real sick.

You’re going to get raw

If you’re not using any lubricants during sex you’re going to rub your genitals raw. If you have sex without any lubricants you can develop skin sores or calluses on your genitalia.

If you notice tender areas on your genitals – that means that you must short insomuch sex.

The body gets used to all that sex

If you have so much sex your body will gets used on it and in the future you will not feel any excitement.

Chronic back pain

Ancient Chinese found out that having too much sex can result with back pain and join pain.

Too much Orgasms can make you blind

Holding breath during orgasm and pushing diaphragm are increasing the blood pressure in your eyes. That can blow your eye’s blood vessel and you can co blind.

Penis fractures are not a joke

If you have so much athletic sex you can break your penis.

You might have heart attack

Doctors confirmed that peoples have twice likely to have heart attack one hour after sex that after no sex. This should concern those who are overweight and have over the age 50.

Stimulus overload

Too much sex can cause sex addiction. Your brain can become addicted on your daily habit to have sex. That can bring you to depression or bipolar disorder and you may wish to kill yourself after sex.

Sex injures are a normal thing

You may be injured during sex and not realize it. In sex injuries belong scratches, bruises, aches. The more you have sex that more you injures you will have.

Lots of sex can make your heart stronger

The biggest health benefit that comes with having a lot of sex is the work out that you’re doing with all that thrusting, pumping, spinning.

That helps you have a healthy heart. What means healthy heart? It means less stress, lower blood pressure.

You might have fungal infection

Increased sex activity can change the balance of normal bacteria and there is biggest chance to women get fungal infection.

Changed balance of normal bacteria in the vagina is living room to fungi to grow. Because of that is good to use condom during sex activity, just in case that your partner has some bacteria that can be transmitted to you.

Real possibility is violent bleeding

When you start bleeding after sex – don’t be scared. That can happen to a lot of women. That’s because being raw on the inside from lack of lubrication, or can be a tear in vaginal septum.

Tear in vaginal septum can cause very heavy bleeding and because of that is good to go visit emergency room.



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