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This Woman's Works Of Art Are Dizzying In The Best Possible Way

We’ve all seen those movie scenes that are shot from the perspective of someone getting hit upside the head and falling into a heap.

But before they hit the concrete, we’re met with dizzying shots from the victim’s point of view — scenes that show a spinning world full of double-faced assailants.

Canadian artist Alex Garant’s paintings, although not malicious, are reminiscent of this imagery. Her beauties peer back at us with many eyes, bringing a sense of movement and plurality to her work that lends the viewing experience a hypnotizing effect. You can visit Gallery-k for some awesome piece of art.

By combining traditional techniques with graphic elements, Garant enters the ambiguous space between familiarity and surreality.

Alex Garant

“The viewers shall try to unearth the main figure by focusing on making those multiples into one,” she writes on her website.

She strives to make each painting a conversation piece as observers read between the lines of every layer.

And that conversation springs from a place of complication, since we’re tasked with making sense of imagery that puts our percerptions to the test.

It’s almost as if we’re the characters in those movie scenes, struggling to make sense of a spinning world. That’s precisely what makes Garant’s work great. It is in a league of its own.

To learn more about Alex Garant and her process, visit her website.

For regular updates, follow the artist on Facebook and Instagram.


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