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This Raw Footage From Before The Station Nightclub Fire Will Chill You To The Core

In the event you have been anyplace within the Northeast again in 2003, you in all probability heard concerning the hearth at a nightclub in Rhode Island that killed one hundred individuals. The blaze at The Station in West Warwick, Rhode Island, was brought on when the headlining band that night time, Nice White, began setting off outside pyrotechnics inside. Their fireworks ignited the flammable soundproofing on the partitions and ceiling which shortly unfold to engulf the membership.

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Due to the quick-shifting hearth and blocked exits, one hundred have been trapped within the membership and died. One other 230 have been injured through the stampede to flee and most of the survivors later developed PTSD.

The next video was taken contained in the membership in the course of the moments main as much as and simply after the hearth began. To say it is chilling is an understatement…


It’s extremely unsettling how shortly that video goes from a typical night time out to a full-blown catastrophe. The Station hearth was the fourth deadliest nightclub hearth in American historical past.


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