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This Musical Grandma Just Heard A Song She Wrote Sang By Country Star Willie Nelson

Songwriter and grandma Lyndel Rhodes is a star in her own right at the age of 92.

Rhodes grew up in a musical family from Perry County, Tennessee. At the age of 13, she joined an after-school club that taught her how to play the harmonica. Ever since then, her songwriting skills and harmonica playing have gotten her some pretty amazing attention. A video of Rhodes and her son Buddy performing the gospel song “Blessed Assurance,” for example, has been viewed more than 10 million times on Facebook.

She said in an interview that she used to go to appointments with a music therapist when she was younger and how music was something really important in her life she wouldn’t be able to live without.

Following the success of that video, Rhodes caught the eye of some pretty big names in country music. She later wrote a song titled “Little House on the Hill,” but never expected it to amount to much. Little did this grandmother know that the song had inspired famous country artist Willie Nelson.

Watch as Rhodes hears her very first professionally recorded song with vocals from the beloved country star.


And here’s where this grandmother’s journey to superstardom all began.


This is one proud grandma. For more videos of Rhodes and her son performing country classics, check out his YouTube channel.


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