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This Guy Took Eight Different Kinds Of Wood And Built One Gorgeous Desk

Desks are definitely my favorite pieces of furniture.

I am an organization freak, so it’s no surprise that I love the type of furniture that helps further my obsession. While I’d love to invest in a quality piece, unfortunately, I use a cheap Walmart desk made out of particleboard (that will probably fall apart any day now). Nothing’s necessarily wrong with particleboard, but you can’t beat a desk crafted from real wood.

Redditor jdovew must agree with me, because he built a gorgeous edge-grain desk using eight (that’s right) different kinds of wood. And when you see the result, you’ll definitely want to start collecting enough wood to make one for yourself.

Because his dad is a contractor, he had a lot of scrap wood to choose from.

Because his dad is a contractor, he had a lot of scrap wood to choose from.

Reddit / jdovew

He smoothed out all the pieces by running them through a planer.

After sawing the wood into smaller strips and stacking them, he began laying out the tabletop.

The pattern was already looking beautiful.

Then it was time to begin gluing small sections together.

He ended up with three sections that would make the table.

Nobody wants an uneven tabletop, so he ran each section through the planer.

After that, they were looking super smooth.

The last major step was to glue those bad boys together.

And after coating it with three layers of polyurethane finish, the only thing left was to add the legs.

It’s so classy and unique!

If I didn’t know better, I would think he paid thousands of dollars for it at an upscale furniture store.

This really puts my pathetic desk to shame — excuse me while I go slink off in humiliation. If you’d like to upgrade your desk like I clearly need to, you can find the full instructions for this project here.



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