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This girl claims to be ending her acne naturally, without medication

If you suffer any type of disorder in your skin, you will know perfectly that it is one of the most annoying things that there is. It is the first thing that others see , and any comments will be made in a personal way. This type of disorder undermines the self-esteem of the sufferer, sometimes leading to much more serious cases, even leading to depression.

A person suffering from this type of condition will be afraid to show up in public. When suffering from this condition, it is important to treat it to avoid scars for life in the area where you suffer. Going to a specialist is important so that you can receive a proper diagnosis of the state in which you are.

Rachel Crawley , a young British woman is determined to help many others who, like her, suffer severe cases of acne .Ending acne naturally

If you have or have had acne, you will also have heard of “Do not drink milk!”, “Wash your face thoroughly!”, “Do not eat chocolate!”. Myths and legends are many, and almost none of them is true. However, Rachel has been able to demonstrate that diet influences more than it seems in these more severe cases.

Rachel had tried more products than she could remember.
Recommended by his dermatologist, those he had seen online, visits to herbalists … But nothing worked.

Ending acne naturally

One day, he decided to clean and throw all those products in the trash. Instead, she made a small adjustment in her diet and her lifestyle, which transformed her completely.

Turn towards natural things for her problems.
“People are happy taking very strong medication that can cause us harmful side effects in our bodies, but they are not able to change their diets, which is much safer and better for our health,” she says .

Ending acne naturally

Rachel suffered bullying when she was younger because of her pimples, and even refused to participate in activities she liked so she would not have to show up in public.

Everything has changed since he decided to attack on the other hand.
Now 22, her followers are fascinated by her transformation, which the young woman documents on Instagram .Ending acne naturally

“A lot of people with acne do not share it because they are embarrassed, but why should they be? Is just a phase in our lives, it will not last forever, and certainly does not make us less as people. “, She says .

Her secret plan to beat her problem.
A vegan diet , avoiding all kinds of processed products . The results are undeniable.
Ending acne naturally

In addition to a diet consisting mainly of fruits and vegetables of all kinds, your routine is simple: first wash your face, then apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel , then massage your face with rosehip oil .

Rachel exfoliates the skin twice a week, and occasionally uses face masks to reduce inflammation and redness.

 “She says ,” Now I’m not living my life to impress someone.
If I do not wear makeup I do not feel less beautiful, I do not spend my time trying to look perfect, I do not feel In my home compared to others.

Ending acne naturally

It is a struggle against the world in which we live, which makes us think so. I do not want other young girls to feel the way I felt. ”

“In today’s society, people’s goals are to live a life that is not real and look like someone imaginary. None of that will make you happy. “