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This Dog's Bark Might Sound Cute, But It's The Result Of Horrible Abuse

When David and Kerry Hardman began fostering a rescue dog named Betty, they noticed something very peculiar about her bark.

Shortly after bringing her to their home in Cumbria, England, the couple heard her emit squeaky hiccuping sounds instead of the deep barks you’d expect from a huge Bordeaux mastiff. They laughed, thinking that the sound was a product of her excitement. The real reason behind her bark, though, is absolutely heartbreaking.

Before Betty was taken away from her previous home by the Dogue de Bordeaux Welfare organization, rescuers believe that she was severely neglected and isolated for five years. She was likely so lonely and desperate for attention that she barked nonstop, causing permanent damage to her vocal chords.

“I’ll never understand how you can sit in a room and ignore a dog in the next room barking like that. I would find it heartbreaking to hear her calling out for attention,” David told Daily Mail.


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(via Daily Mail)


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