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This Diver Getting Sucked Into A Powerful Underwater Wave Will Give You Anxiety

The worst thing that you can do as a diver is underestimate the power of the ocean. While the waters can be calm a lot of the time, all of that can change in an instant and that’s usually where you run into trouble. That’s just the situation John Hoover found himself in while exploring the waters near the North Shore of Maui, Hawaii.

Hoover is an author and underwater photographer, and for several hours, his team documented the sights and wildlife that call these waters home.

Completely majestic.

However, as the dive wore on, the waves crashing into the rocks above got stronger and stronger.

Like any curious mind, Hoover decided he needed a closer look at the waves.

Unfortunately, John got a little too close and ended up being swept away by the current. That looks terrifying.

(via Chris Quarre’)

Luckily, Hoover survived his brush with the power of the ocean. Still though, in the moment that must have been insanely terrifying.


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