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This Baby Girl Is The Patron Saint Of Picky Eaters — First It Was Broccoli, Now It's Yucky Yogurt

We all know someone who doesn’t like a ton of variety when it comes to food.

Some think many things taste bad, while others can’t get into certain textures or smells. These people are usually known as picky eaters, and they might even get picked on for their selective ways.

One little picky eater has been getting quite a lot of attention on the internet. Not only did she make some hilarious faces when confronted with broccoli for the first time, but she also recently gave her stamp of disapproval to a food that most people enjoy.

Her first experience with yogurt didn’t go so well. Watch below as she appears to gag and places her hand on her head to show how adorably distressed she is.

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I feel you, girl. I’m actually not a yogurt fan myself. Be sure to share this with your favorite picky eater!


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