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This Avid Sleep-Talker Recorded Her Conversation With A Ghost

Redditor LOCK1Z, a sleep-talker, recently took it upon herself to record what she said at night for her own records.

After listening back to one recording, the woman thought she heard another person talking in the background…something that should be impossible, seeing as how she was home alone that night. Was it a case of technological error or was LOCK1Z having a conversation with someone from the great beyond?

In this audio clip, LOCK1Z can be heard mumbling, but who or what is she talking to?

Did you catch that? If not, here are the isolated vocals:

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The Redditor who isolated the sound said, “I’ve run the audio file through a processor and sampled the spirit’s voice. My interpretation is ‘ga’seeth rothe.'” What do you think? Was she alone or was there a spirit hanging out nearby?


I’ve considered recording my own sleep-talking, but after hearing that, I think I’ll live in blissful ignorance.



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