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This 1930s Good Wife Test Will Make You So Glad You Weren't Married Then

Do you ever show up late for appointments or wear red nail polish? If so, according to this test from the 1930s, you might not be a good wife.

Today, even the most conservative among us would look at this test and be stunned by its blatant sexism and utter ridiculousness. In the 1930s, however, the “Marital Rating Scale,” developed by George W. Crane, was considered scientific. Crane, a respected counselor and creator of one of the nation’s first matchmaking services, was thought to be an expert in the field of marriage and female behavior. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then!

So, let’s find out if you’re a “very poor” or “very superior” wife. I scored in the “poor” range, but I think my husband would beg to differ!

The left side of the test lists “negative” behaviors, or “demerits.” The right side is for “positive” behaviors, or “merits.” Each is worth one point unless designated otherwise.

I don’t know which I’m offended by more, a demerit for red polish or a merit for dressing for breakfast. God forbid your wife show up for a morning meal with scandalous nails and PJ’s on!


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