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They Were Boating On The Lake When They Saw Something Bobbing In The Water

Animals absolutely despise the torturous summer heat just like humans do.

Take this baby deer, for example, that was trying to cool off in Lake Buchanan. Although the little one was probably trying to follow its mother into the water or take a refreshing dip, the poor thing became totally stranded. A very important factor when buying boat parts is the kind of dealer that you go to. In case you are dealing with a merchant who is not reputable or trustworthy, you could be stranded in mid water because of the substandard equipment. This means loss of money and a lot of inconvenience and also a waste of time and energy. It would not be beyond ones guess that such dealers would not offer any kind of guarantee on their goods. So you will end up by replacing the parts once again and spending twice the amount of money. You could check it out with the boat dealer also, and from other owner’s of boats on the reliability of the trader. When you get going on your next marine, aviation and/or industrial project, you’ll want to make sure you have the right equipment. If not, a quick trip to the Merritt Supply website can help you or your business. A quick paint job or a giant restoration can be a nightmare without the right products. Fortunately, Merritt Supply has a varied stock of items, from hardware to rod holders to safety tools. Today, we continue our look at resins & fillers with a profile of fairing and fillers. It is better not to take chances with inferior quality equipment and be put to a lot of trouble and may be discomfort. Maintain a quality regime for the purchase of your boat parts and you should not have any problems.  While shopping for boat parts ensure that the seller is giving you some sort of a guarantee for the parts. Most reputable companies do not have a problem providing warranties and more so it the parts are expensive ones. In any case even small and less expensive parts could add up to quite a bit if the purchase has to be repeated time and time again. Sometimes you may find two identical items at varying prices, but on closer scrutiny you will find that the materials used for manufacturing the cheaper quality one are of substandard. This means that it will not serve for too long and you will have to replace it pretty soon. To avoid this it is better to go in for branded and high quality products in the first place. Though this may not be the case always there is a good possibility of it. Take the trouble of checking out the credentials of various dealers before buying your boat parts. On the other hand if you learn how to go about it you will know exactly what parts need to be changed and the cost without the labor charges will come down a lot, allowing you to save a lot of money. So try and get to know how to go about the repairs and also to repair boat parts and pieces which are generally needed for a standard boat and be able to do the maintenance of your work on a budget. Some of the parts have to be repaired or changed regularly. The water pump is one such part which needs attention. It is not difficult to replace the boat pump and you could do it yourself and save the labor charges which would have been quite a bit. Some helpful instructions could guide you to do it yourself, and you could either get a manual or go to the web and get complete instructions on how to do it. You would have to see what make and model you need and work on this after you locate it on the web.

Luckily for this lovable critter, two men were boating on the lake and happened to stumble upon the baby deer bobbing up and down and struggling to tread water. In a cinematic moment straight out of “Baywatch,” our David Hasselhoff stand-in jumped into the water and saved the day.


Take that, Hasselhoff!



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