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They Noticed Items Moving Around, So They Set Up A Camera And Saw Something So Scary

When YouTuber Mark Apsolon noticed that items in his bedroom kept moving around, he decided to set up a camera. What he recorded is beyond creepy.

Although many of these types of videos are investigated and found to be hoaxes, that doesn’t make them any less interesting. On the one hand, you can never be quite sure which ones are real paranormal encounters. On the other, if they are fake, they require some skilled special effects work. In the case of Mark Apsolon, which is it?

Watch the creepy footage and let us know. Do you think this is a real ghost or just a hoax?


Closet doors don’t just open by themselves.



And what the hell is that thing by the bed?! It looks like the girl from “The Ring” is trying to steal his lamp.


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If there was even the slightest chance this thing was in my bedroom, I’d be sleeping on the couch (or just moving out).



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