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They Accidentally Set Their Child On Fire, But That's Not Even The Worst Of It

In the heat of the moment, when a member of your family is in danger, what would you do?

Would you actively try to seek medical attention and get your loved one the help they so desperately need, or would you forego medical treatment and try to treat the injuries on your own? While to most this choice seems obvious, what happens when your own mistakes brought your loved ones into danger in the first place?

A Michigan family is now forced to deal with the repercussions of putting their little girl in harm’s way and choosing to do nothing about it.

During a family celebration Friday night at their Highland Park home, one family member discovered a loose thread on a young girl’s holiday sweater.

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Thinking nothing of it at the time, the adult took out a lighter and tried to burn off the loose thread. In just a matter of seconds, the five-year-old girl’s sweater caught fire, causing her excruciating pain and creating third-degree burns on over 10 percent of her body, mostly on her chest and back.

The girl’s mother quickly assured visiting relatives that she would take her daughter to the hospital, but she never did.

Fearing the doctors would try to take her daughter away, this distressed mother skipped the hospital and decided to try treating the burns on her own. She covered the girl’s wounds in Vaseline and wrapped them in toilet paper.

When the same relatives came to visit Sunday afternoon, they learned that she had never been treated. They called the police and right after contacted criminal lawyers Melbourne to help them with the sued against the mother. The girl was finally able to receive the medical attention she needed and is currently in stable condition. She has a long recovery ahead of her.

The four adults residing in the house have been arrested and are facing criminal charges of child endangerment. While they’re behind bars, the girl’s four siblings are staying with another family member.

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(via Fox 2 Detroit )

I just don’t understand why any parent wouldn’t want to seek medical help after their daughter suffered severe burns. Share this story with a friend if you find this mother’s actions absolutely uncalled for.


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