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These Women Were Just Out Shopping When They Were Violated In A Terrible Way

When women go out in public, there’s always the risk of harassment.

It’s an unfortunate part of our society that proves that we still have a long way to go when it comes to truly being equal. Beyond catcalling and other intimidating behaviors, in certain states it remains legal to take photos up a woman’s skirt without her consent.

One man in Sarasota, Florida, was arrested after people noticed a pattern of behavior in which he stalked women while shopping, bending down to look underneath their skirts when they weren’t looking.

Allen Ralph was caught on surveillance video violating women while shopping at Walmart. This is just one video police uncovered.


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Ralph has been arrested and charged with three counts of voyeurism. He faces a $15,000 bond and cannot go back to Walmart or contact any of his victims. Share this with your friends so everyone you love knows what to watch out for.


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