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These Adorable Orphaned Bears Are Really Enjoying Their Delicious, Appley Snacks

Feast your eyes upon these baby bears…enjoying a feast.

Shared by the Northern Lights Wildlife Society on Facebook, this video shows a group of black bear cubs relaxing and enjoying some tasty apples…and they aren’t the only relaxed ones. I never knew watching furry animals chomping down on treats could be so therapeutic.

The adorable short clip was posted by the animal orphanage to thank donors who have donated money or food to build a new bear enclosure.


Northern Lights is taking care of these orphaned cuties until they’re ready to be released back into the wild. In the 26 years since their foundation, the organization has helped rehabilitate more than 370 bears. These apple-snacking cubs (most of whom were orphaned due to vehicle collisions) will be released back into the wild in June of next year to sync with the timing they would naturally leave their mothers.

If you want to help Northern Lights Wildlife Society with their important work, then you can donate here.


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