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The way your partner hugs you says a lot about your relationship

A relationship is a beautiful thing to be in. The love that a couple shares is inexpressible by the using of Good morning pick up lines. But many times you may not realize but some problems pop in. They may be small and negligible to begin with but with time, they grow into a big strong mountain. We are no relationship experts or counselors but we strongly believe that there few signs in every relation that if you notice, clearly indicates the problems in one’s relationship. One of such signs includes the way you hug. There are different kinds of hugs that suggest different traits of a relationship. Read on

1. Putting Your Hand In Their Pocket

When you are comfortable enough to put your hand in your partner’s pocket, it shows that they mean something to you. You feel peaceful and at ease around this person.

2. Wrapping Your Arms Around Their Waist

Wrapping your arms around a person’s waist shows protection. You’re confident you can provide security and comfort at any time.

3. Looking Directly At Them

When you gaze into your partner’s eyes, it means you have managed to create a true and genuine connection. Once you have reached the level where you are gazing into your partner’s eyes while holding them, it is beyond physical feeling. You are thereafter connecting with a person’s soul.

4. Rubbing Their Back While Hugging

Rubbing a person’s back shows reassurance. You want to be there for the person. You care about them. This is usually something you do with a person who you’re willing to tell your problems to, and listen to theirs also.

5. Putting Your Arm Around Their Shoulder

When someone puts their arms around another person’s shoulder this, signifies friendship. This means you have established a trustworthy relationship, but only in a friendly way. They are someone you tend to rely on.

6. Giving A Pat On The Back While Hugging

Giving a pat on the back is also a sign of friendship. You’re showing you do not want intimacy. This is something people who are in early stages of friendship do, to show camaraderie.

7. Keeping Distance While Hugging

There are people who do this. If someone keeps distance while they are giving you a hug, it means that they are uncomfortable. This signifies insecurity or disagreement. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. It can also signify that they are unfamiliar with you. However, there are situations where you have no desire to hug that person.


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