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The Way You Sleep Tells a Lot about Your Personality

Every adult needs 8 hours of sleep a day to function properly. Children need even more sleep. In average, a person spends 40% of their life in sleeping, therefore, the position that they sleep in tells a lot about who they are and what they are like.

The Fetus Position

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Those who curl like this while they are sleeping look like an unborn child. These people may seem really strong and stable from the outside, however, they have a fragile heart.If they do not know the people in their surrounding they are pretty shy. But when they get to know them, they become comfortable in their company and they start being relaxed and fun.Most people sleep in this position. According to the researches 41% of 1000 people prefer sleeping like this. Moreover, the number of women sleeping in fetus position is double than men who sleep like this.

The Log Position

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If you sleep in this position your body is turned on one side and your hands are positioned in line with it. This position indicates that you are a happy, relaxed and friendly person. However, you have too much trust in people you do not know, which can often get you into trouble.

The Yearner Position

If you sleep on one side with both your hands opened in front of you, you are an open-minded and very flexible person. However, sometimes these people tend to be cynical, sarcastic and distrustful. These people have a hard time making decisions but once they do decide something you can never change their mind.

The Soldier Position

If you sleep in this position you probably sleep on your back with your hands close to your body. These people are introverts. They are also very calm and reserved towards their surroundings. Crowd is one of the things that really bother them. Also, they want to be successful, so they set high goals for themselves.

The Freefaller Position

If you are a freefaller, you are probably sleeping on your stomach with your hands placed around your head or hugging the pillow. These people are really outgoing and sociable. However, very often, they there is some unease deep inside them that makes them anxious most of the time. The freefallers cannot handle a critique and it is not unusual for them not to be able to function under pressure and handle an extreme and stressful situation.

The Starfish Position

You lie on your back and you raise your hands above your head or near the pillow. People that sleep like this, know how to be true friends. You can count on them and they can always hear you out. They never hesitate to offer help to another friend. They are modest and they do not like to be in the centre of attention.

According to the research, people do not tend to change their sleeping position. Out of those people who took part in the study, only 5% said that they do not have any particular position for sleeping. Very often, they turn during the night. However, the research has also shown that the position in which we are sleeping has an effect on your health.

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