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She Was Facing Fines For Her Rundown House When Her Neighbors Stepped In To Help

Annie Glancey has been living in the same New Jersey home since she was little. Over the years, both Glancey and the house have fallen on hard times. The former school teacher is no longer able to maintain the upkeep on her home, and recently, she faced hefty fines from the community.

Because of her home’s appearance, she was threatened with $3,000 fines for each day the house remained in disrepair. Unable to afford the fines, the elderly woman began to lose hope. That’s when her neighbors stepped in.

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Led by Kristin Polhemus and her husband, a group of 25 neighbors repaired the house for free.

After offering to help the woman multiple times, the two took it upon themselves to begin renovations.

The eager workers spent their weekends last summer doing yard work, painting, and getting the house back up to code.

Even more inspiring was that the once-secluded homeowner began spending time with the volunteers and opening up to them. She also offered them baked goods and freshly squeezed orange juice for all their hard work.

By the end of the summer, Glancey’s house was almost unrecognizable, all fines from the city had been dropped, and one New Jersey neighborhood had grown a little bit closer.

Their kindness is unbelievable. Let this inspire you to help someone in need today.

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